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Double Your Closet Space…It’s Within Your Reach After All

All Seasons-Wardrobe

There is a growing demand in the industry for closets that can accommodate an all-seasons wardrobe. And whether your closet height is 7 feet or 10 feet, maximizing every inch of space is paramount! With the difficult task of housing clothes from every season along with the extra space at the top of the closet that is impossible to reach without a ladder, wardrobe pull-down rods are changing the way closet designers are breaking through barriers. By offering this very practical space efficient solution, a client no longer needs a second closet for their off-season clothes, and their closet space is fully utilized.

Transformational Solution

The Wardrobe pull-down rod is easy to install and user friendly. The pull-down wand has a smooth gliding mechanism with a soft close feature, making it near effortless to use. Esthetically, this second tier of hanging clothes gives the illusion of higher ceilings and provides the ultimate solution in maximizing space. I was initially concerned that a second tier closet was designed for taller clients; however, this is not the case. The pull-down wand can accommodate clients under 5’ tall and those who are taller, making it a great solution that is literally within everyone’s reach.

Will It Break The Bank?

Surely this feature would be reserved for clients with an endless budget, well think again! Wardrobe pull-down rods are within most everyone’s budget, where spending that little bit extra can really deliver value, convenience and efficiency. I love how a feature like this can truly transform a closet, and with the growing demand for space solutions, its no wonder the wardrobe pull-down is an industry favorite!

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