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What Does Your Wife Want For Christmas?

Every woman I know, regardless of budget, has her version of the ultimate "dream closet"! She may not know what to cook for dinner tonight, but you can bet, she knows the intricate details of her ideal closet. The good news is, you don't have to live in a multi-million dollar home to have your dreams come true! I love how the industry has evolved in design, materials, and affordability; ultimately giving the everyday consumer access to options and quality like never before.


Years ago, beautiful custom closets were only at the reach of the ultra-affluent and admired by the rest of us through design magazines or luxury real estate advertisements. But that's all changed in this new era of Houzz, One King's Lane, Wayfair, HGTV, and the "do-it-yourself" age that has become the new normal. Today, consumers representing every budget are savvy like never before!

Having recently attended an industry seminar, I was amazed to learn about the latest trends in closet products, organization and design. For example, we learned how you can take a standard, low ceiling closet with a small door opening, and turn it into a trendy closet space with style, efficiency and functionality, all the while on a budget. Perfect for the older Florida homes.


For those of you who are enamored with the sleek feel of a modern, high gloss closet...look no further! A new product called Stylelite has recently hit the market that is the only high gloss material around that offers a guarantee and showcases a gloss finish that is truly in a league of its own!

The industry is also showing a tremendous demand for Egger; a line of materials from Europe that come in sleek contemporary or wood grain look-a-like finishes. Not too many years ago, if a client preferred a wood grain finish, they would be presented with a selection of pricey, solid hard woods to consider with no other options available. That is simply no longer the case, thanks to the Egger line. A $60,000 closet in genuine hard woods can now be achieved with the same look for a fraction of the cost. A true game changer!


So if you are struggling with gift ideas and would like to surprise your wife this Christmas, you may want to consider her dream closet! It just may be within your reach afterall.

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